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March 14th & 15th, 2024 New York City

The Audiencers' Festival

Bringing together publishing professionals to make better decisions when it comes to engaging, converting and retaining their audiences.

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This event has now passed! 

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Digital publishing professionals in The Audiencers' online community

Media titles joining our NYC Festival

Expert panelists

Hours of conference and networking between peers

Definitely the most useful conference I have been to this year! What made it stand out was that everyone was very transparent and open when discussing strategies and opportunities... there was a lot of discussion and knowledge-sharing around solutions, a breath of fresh air from the usual doom and gloom."
olivia woosey

Olivia Woosey
Head of SEO at The New Statesman

The Audiencers' Festival

2 day agenda

The Workshop: an intimate, 20-person session focusing on newsletters as an audience retention strategy, plus lunch to continue the conversation

The Festival: an afternoon of expertise covering everything engagement, conversion & retention, plus a networking drinks evening

  1. 1:00PM The New York Times Building

    Doors opening

    620, 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10018

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  2. 1:30pm The New York Times Building

    Welcome & context on the industry

    madeleine-whiteMadeleine White
    Editor in chief (The Audiencers)

    jill-modifiedJill Nicholson
    CMO (Chartbeat)

  3. 2pm The New York Times Building

    Audience engagement & research: how to better understand audiences to drive engagement & revenue

    gina bulla-modifiedGina Bulla
    Audience Research (The Atlantic)

    mariah craddick-modifiedMariah Craddick
    Executive Director of Product (The Atlantic)

    Patrick Boehler-modifiedPatrick Boehler
    Innovation and engagement (Gazzetta)

  4. 2:45pm The New York Times Building

    The importance of newsletters to drive loyalty, subscriptions, and revenue

    Maya Nerla-modifiedMaya Neria
    Director, Product (The New York Times)

    elaine-piniat-modifiedElaine Piniat
    Manager, Newsletter Audience & Revenue Strategy (Reuters)

    IMG_0706 (1)-modifiedBrad Streicher
    Senior Customer Success Manager (Chartbeat)

  5. 3:30PM The New York Times Building

    Coffee break

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  6. 4pm The New York Times Building

    The KPIs & strategies to continuously optimize your conversion funnel, with ELLE Magazine

    kevin singer-modifiedKevin Singer
    CDO (CMI France)

    madeleine-white-modifiedMadeleine White
    Editor in chief / Head of Internation (The Audiencers / Poool)

  7. 4:30pm The New York Times Building

    Increasing your logged user base: the operations & best practices

    Marion Collombat-modifiedMarion Collombat
    Head of CRM & DATA (Reworld Media)

    megan Hess-modifiedMegan Hess
    Senior Editor, Digital Subscriptions (Bloomberg)

    ludivine-paquet-modifiedModerated by Ludivine Paquet
    Head of Customer Success (Poool)

  8. 5:15pm The New York Times Building Event Time

    Developing long term relationships with young audiences

    Julia Munslow-modifiedJulia Munslow
    Senior Platform Editor (The Wall Street Journal)

  9. 5:45pm The New York Times Building

    Unlocking customer lifetime value

    Anjali Iyer-modifiedAnjali Iyer
    Global Head of Lifecycle Marketing (The Washington Post)

    Jill Marchisotto-modifiedJill Marchisotto 
    Strategic consultant (Atlas)

  10. 6:15pm The New York Times Building

    🍸🍷 Drinks & networking!


    Sponsored by arc-xp-2


  1. 9:00 AM Axel Springer, 277 Mott St

    The newsletter as a member & subscriber retention tool

    Welcome to this workshop organized by 



  2. 9:30 AM Axel Springer, 277 Mott St

    30 tips to grow your newsletter list

    dan-oshinsky Dan Oshinsky
    Consultant at Inbox Collective


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  3. 10:30 AM Axel Springer, 277 Mott St

    How to convert members & subscribers into newsletters sign-ups

    marion-wyss-modified Marion Wyss
    Co-founder Poool & The Audiencers


    Best practices and benchmarks worth the look 👀

  4. 11:00 AM Axel Springer, 277 Mott St

    5 low-lift experiments we ran to increase our click-through rates

    kelly-poe-modifiedKelly Poe
    Senior Newsletter Editor at The Washington Post


  5. 12:00 AM Axel Springer, 277 Mott St

    How to build your newsletter

    marine-doux Marine Doux
    Co-founder Médianes


    baptiste_theveninBaptiste Thevelein
    Co-founder Médianes


  6. 1:00 PM Axel Springer, 277 Mott St

    Lunch together

    Food for everyone!


Where the Festival will happen

The New York Times Building

620 8th Ave, New York

Where the workshop will happen

Axel Springer SE

277 Mott St

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The Audiencers' Festival NYC

Why join us?


A double event of expertise. By publishing professionals, for publishing professionals:

  • Make better decisions
  • Understand the operational 'how'
  • Unique perspectives
  • Networking with others facing the same challenges
  • Working together on a very specific subject ("How to use newsletters to retain members & subscribers") during our workshop -  ⚠️ The Workshop is SOLD OUT. Waiting list only.

Taking to the stage

Industry-leading experts

gina bulla 1
Gina Bulla
The Atlantic
dan oshinsky 1
Dan Oshinsky
The Inbox Collective
Maya Nerla 1
Maya Neria
The New York Times
mariah craddick 1
Mariah Craddick
The Atlantic
Anjali Iyer 1
Anjali Iyer
The Washington Post
Emmanuel Saint-Martin 1
Emmanuel Saint-Martin
French Morning
megan Hess 1
Marion Wyss
Jill Marchisotto-1
Jill Marchisotto
Marion Collombat 1
Marion Collombat
Reworld Media
Ludivine Paquet
Madeleine White
The Audiencers
Marion Wyss
The Audiencers
marine doux 1
Marine Doux
Baptiste Thevelein 1
Baptiste Thevelein
2023 Festivals in Paris and London

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The need-to-know


Do you need to pay to attend?

Nada! This is a free event with the goal of sharing expertise and bringing publishing professionals together. The reason we're asking you to register your interest instead of getting tickets directly is so that we can make sure to fill the room full with the right professionals - those working in audience development - to ensure interesting conversations.

Where is the event being held?

In The New York Times Building!! I know, we can't quite believe it either!

Who is the event aimed at?

Just like The Audiencers' written content, this event is for publishing professionals involved in audience development. Specifically, audience engagement and conversion in a digital reader revenue model.

What language will the content be in?

English, but we welcome professionals from across the world to join!

Why do I have to "request" a spot?

We do this to make sure the room is full of digital publishing professionals. If you don't fit into this category, please reach out to us via the contact form to see how we can work together:)

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March 14th & 15th, 2024 New York City

Are you ready?

2 days of expertise. By digital publishing professionals, for digital publishing professionals.
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